Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcoming Words

Welcome to Semban village and enjoy dancing together with 7 women that still using the rings on both hands and legs......the next day you will enjoy swimming at one or two of the 13th best waterfalls along Ton river [one of the river which flows to upper Sarawak river.] In the evening the guide will bring you to see the skulls in the Baruk and he will tell you all the story about what Baruk is and when the first Baruk was built.....after that you can walk around the village and at night time you can see in video on how we do the Baruks festival. In the early morning at 5.30 am we have to walk to the top for about 15 minites to watch sunrise.

Morning scene behind the village

Watching sun rise and you will remember the
rest of your life.

Village meeting room (Baruk or Panggah)

Baruk or panggah is the place where skulls of
enemies (during the head hunting period in
1700-1800) are kept. In the past, it served
as a meeting place. Visitors to the village
spent their nights in this building in the past.
Currently, it is used for ritual (1 June) for the gawai
Dayak festival. Visitors are now allowed to enter
the building with assistance from village guide.

Women wearing rings on their arms

Weaving a small basket used for keeping sirih &
bitter nuts

Galeg Waterfall near Semban Village

The best of Bidayuh waterfall